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Two holiday recipes to make with your leftovers


Several years back, out of a desire to make use of the flowers and leaves from a shoot in some fun and and jungalicious way, #FaceTheFoliage was born (example pictured above, left)–we used the leftovers to make ephemeral portraits from leaves and flowers.  Well, after cleaning up from a recent photoshoot (pictured above right), a […]

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A room with a view (even without windows)


There’s nothing better than a nice, big window with an awesome view in an interior…but that isn’t always possible. Plenty of spaces I’ve lived in throughout my life have had small windows, no windows, or windows with weird/bad views, and while you can sometimes use mirrors to add more natural light to a space and overhead fans to […]

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Design Dilemma: Bathroom layout


Hello sweet friends of the Jungalow. We are getting ready to embark on the next reno project at our Jungalow by the River. It’s both exciting and nerve racking, as these renovation projects tend to be. And we’ve been stuck at the design phase for several months. The layout of the house is so small and relatively […]

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Jungalow Holiday Makeover


This post was created in partnership with Joss & Main. Last year at this time we were kinda mid-swing with our renovations. We didn’t yet have a proper dining room and we weren’t quite ready to entertain in our new Jungalow, but things have changed. I’m finally ready to invite folks over and have some […]

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Putting Patterns to Paper


(Front) (Back) I worked with local press Paper Chase to create a couple of fun journals for the holidays. Each journal contains two of my patterns. They have blank (really nice) paper inside to fill with your drawings, dreams and musings, and delights. One has tulips and strawberries paired with Jungalow people, the other is tigers and flowers […]

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