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Very Jungalicious Vessels

Plant Vessel Roundup

With all the plants and flowers that constantly make their way into The Jungalow (there’s no such thing as too many!), we’re permanently on the look out for jungalicious planters and vases! And while we’ll forever love all you can do with a good plain terra cotta pot, sometimes it’s nice to find a vessel with a little more […]

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Danae’s Stone Fruit & Burrata Salad


Stone fruit season might be my favorite time of the year for produce. Nectarines especially are my weakness- I love their versatility. Last week we had tuna cakes with arugula and nectarines- it was so good I think I’m going to make it again this week. Nectarines on ricotta toast or waffles for breakfast, in ice […]

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This Just In: Willian Santiago


Willian Santiago’s work seems to follow us- from Pinterest, to Instagram, and even on Facebook- his bold, textured portraits grab our eye everywhere they pop up. The Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator’s use of rich colors and plant life in much of his work immediately draws us in. The people he illustrates have serious style, too! […]

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Before & After — Our Bluhemian Lounge


When we last spoke about our lounge room, we had just bought our new sectional from Jonathan Louis. The hardwood floors had been unearthed from underneath that carpet and had been refinished. The room was in pretty good shape after that: While I was happy with the way the room looked, from the beginning I knew […]

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Bookcase Vertical Garden


If you’re like us, then you’ll agree that there’s no such thing as too many plants, but sometimes all those plants need somewhere to live! Over the weekend Justina whipped up this pretty little vertical garden, made out of a bookcase, which is the perfect plant-astic solution if you’re running out of surface space for […]

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Plant-o-Pedia: Alocasia Amazonica


Some plants grab your attention with their blooms, some with their size, or viney-ness, and some grab you with their amazing foliage- the Alocasia amazonica, or African Mask plant, is one of the latter. With deep, almost black, green leaves, the high contrast vein coloration, and the arrowhead shape, the leaves make this Alocasia one […]

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