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01 July 2015

Trolling Trulia…


Design Inspiration from Trulia

It feels like every other time I go to repin a beautiful interior shot to one of my Pinterest boards, I get that “Pssst! Looks like you’ve already saved this Pin!” notification. Does that happen to you too? That was the signal to me that it was time to get off of Pinterest for a minute and look elsewhere for some new design inspo.  With the idea of peeking into some amazing homes in my neighborhood, I clicked over to Trulia to see about taking some virtual tours and came across some pretty great (and new!!) design ideas and inspiration.

Design Inspiration from Trulia

In this house, they went all turquoise on the ceilings. I mean, can I get a ‘woah!’??

Design Inspiration from Trulia Design Inspiration from Trulia

They also painted the inside of that skylight. So good, right?

Design Inspiration from Trulia

I may not have chosen red for this balcony, but holy guacamole do I love that green, herringbone tile–and how rad is it used in an outdoor space? Swooning over here…

Design Inspiration from Trulia

This shower/tub (from the same home) is so weird and cool isn’t it? I’d love it in a creamy white.  Design Inspiration from Trulia Design Inspiration from Trulia

Design Inspiration from Trulia

And this outdoor space is seriously killing me. The inside of it looks a lot like Emily Henderson’s work…

Design Inspiration from Trulia

either she designed it or someone was deeply inspired by her. ;)

Design Inspiration from Trulia

And oh what I wouldn’t do to have bones like this to work with!! Oh so very Madmen, right? Really enjoying the desert-y color palette in here too.

So, what say you, did I uncover some interior shots you hadn’t seen before?? Check The Trulia blog for more ideas and inspo, too. For my next Trolling Trulia post, where should we go? Miami? Austin? This is gonna be fun.

This post was created in partnership with Trulia.

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No Jungalow is complete without some greenery in the bathroom.  If you think about it, it’s the easiest place to care for plants because it’s a wet room where you can just let the water trickle where it may.  I like to think of it as a space where you can literally surround yourself with plants, above, around and below you.  Hang something above the tub and just water it directly into the bath, the excess water will go down the drain.  I’m no expert, but these are some of the plants that have thrived in my own bathroom.  Add some to your space and get ready to have your showers feel like a mini tropical getaway.

1) Staghorn.  I’ve hung mine on the shower rod and water it only occasionally- once a week at most.  Staghorns are a fern that are found in nature on the trunks of trees and get fed and watered by whatever runs off the tree- dried leaves, water droplets, etc.  Fun fact: you can place a banana peel behind the leaves as a special fertiliser ;)


2)Ferns.  Ferns don’t mind moisture, so keeping them healthy in your bathroom is easy.  Try a Boston fern, they can get really full and look great in hanging pots.

Q95A9279new Q95A9284 Or a super pretty and delicate Maiden Hair Fern.


3)Succulents. If you have a lot of sunlight in your bathroom, succulents will do very well.  They don’t need much watering at all, as they will soak up the moisture from the air.  Try a Chain of Hearts, hang it high and see how long it can grow.  And don’t you just love the sweet heart shapes?

Q95A9292new bathroomplants

4) Scindapsus/Devil’s Ivy.  Another beautiful plant with heart shaped leaves that are marbled in green and gold or cream.  This has been the most incredible plant to have in my bathroom; it just grows and grows and grows.  I’ve hung mine from the ceiling and just let it drape down towards the bathtub.  When any of the vines get too long I start to encourage them to grow along the walls by placing them along odd nails.  This plant has grown around all four walls of my bathroom from one (its original) little planter!

What about you?  Do you have have plants in your bathroom?

{Project by Nicole Valentine Don for The Jungalow}

For more Nicole,  visit her blog and follow her on instagram.
Photos by: Dara Tippapart

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Last time we checked in about the kitchen, we had just chosen our tile from Badia Design. Since then, the floor tile has been installed, so have our prefab cabinets, our farmhouse sink and two new windows have been put in, too. Things are moving along pretty quickly, although, admittedly not quickly enough seeing as how we move in tomorrow–but such is life, yes? I’m actually just taking a much-needed packing break right now to write this post. Dang I have a lot of crap. The movers arrive at 8AM. Yikes. Also today my friends from Lowe’s will be coming to install our countertop–but more on that later.


Here are some snaps of the tile installation process. This is the first time I’ve ever has tiled installed before. There are a ton of choices that go into it–grout color was a big one.

We chose a dark green. Another big decision was how far apart to place the tile–I wanted them as close together as possible. Since the tile in handmade we had to leave a bit of wiggle room incase everything didn’t line up 100% perfectly.


We also had to decide where the tiles would start. AKA which tiles would be cut off so that the entire room would be covered.  I’m really happy with the end result.


Our cabinets and sink were recently installed as well. We went with prefab shakers for budget reasons. But I’m actually really happy with the way they look and the quality. The farmhouse sink is a honey too. It was a splurge but one of those things (like the tile) I’ve been dreaming about forever. Jason was really cute when we were deciding on whether to get a single basin or double basin…He was like, well if we have another baby we can bathe her in a single basin. Sold.

We sprung for a fancy faucet too. We are doing all copper hardware throughout. We just found some pretty sweet copper cabinet hardware at Eric’s Architectural Salvage that will hopefully be installed in the next few days as well.


And while everything is running remarkably smoothly thus far, and our contractor and his team have been a dream to work with, there are a lot of lessons I’ve learned along the way that are probably worth sharing–so here goes:

Wall Texture
Apparently, the default position for most painters is to match the paint finish of a new room to the other rooms in the house. This meant that our newly installed walls got a weird (and ugly!) bumpy paint texture that we didn’t want. They have since sanded it away and repainted but it was a good lesson to learn. I should have been really clear about wanting smooth walls, even if it meant the walls in the kitchen were the only smooth walls in the house.

Range Hood
Our oven range is going in that gap between the two cabinets in the above pic. We did a lot of research about downdraft range hoods, that suck the air below the house, so that we wouldn’t have to deal with a range hood hanging over the breakfast bar. Even the prettiest of range-hoods would have been an eye sore in that position. After reading tons of reviews for downdraft ovens (the reviews are pretty horrible) we realized that here in the rental we’ve been living in for five years we have no range hood and no downdraft oven. It didn’t even occur to us that with the way we cook (mostly all vegetarian and rarely, if ever deep frying) we may not need a range hood at all. We got outfitted for it anyway, so we can be up to code–but I don’t think we’re gonna use it. The house is basically all windows. I don’t think ventilation will be an issue.

Slide In Vs. Drop In. Vs. Stand Alone
Having always lived in rentals, I’ve never had to buy an oven before. Once shopping for one, I realized how many options there were that can really change the look of the kitchen. The three main types are slide in, drop in and stand alone, and they all come with their own price-points and benefits–but it’s good to know what’s out there are research the different types before just getting the one that looks the best or has the right number of burners. I’ll share more about what I learned about this once my oven gets installed, but the basic gist is that we wanted a slide-in so that it looks seamless with the countertops and food won’t slip through the cracks on either side of the stove.  :)


Counter Depth
Similar to the oven options, refrigerators also come in many options–but besides the obvious stuff, like whether we wanted a bottom freezer or a top freezer, or French doors or a water dispenser—I learned that refrigerators come in two standard depths too. And the most standard depth is not counter-depth–meaning it’ll protrude out considerably from the counter. The ‘counter-depth’ refrigerators protrude a bit too–for obvious reasons, there has to be room for the refrigerator doors to properly swing open. But anyway, the counter-depth refrigerators protrude out a lot less. (see) It’s one of those things I never really payed much attention to, that is until I decided it was totally necessary to have a counter-depth refrigerator in my spankin’ new kitchen :P

Popcorn Ceiling
We were debating whether to remove the popcorn ceiling. We are really spreading ourselves thin with the remodel and are running low on cash, but we decided to get rid of the popcorn ceiling in the front three rooms of the house because we were afraid if we didn’t do it now, we’d never do it. It made such a dramatic difference and I’m so glad we did it. I’m regretting not having done it in the bedrooms too now–but maybe we’ll get to it when we redo the bathrooms next year, or whenever we have the money.

And that’s where we are. This week we should be making some serious strides. At least I hope so!! We should have the counters, backsplash and open shelving installed. We will bid adieu to this carpet, and say hello to the original hardwood floors nestled safely beneath.

Our stools from Modernica arrived last week too. I put them there just to see how they fit, and, well, it got me pretty excited. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel…

My amazing contractor, Golan–he’s working on his website but in the meantime if you need a great contractor in the L.A. area,  you can email him ArzanGolan (at) Gmail.com. Let him know I sent you.
Moroccan Tile: Badia Design
Stools: Modernica
Sink: Lowe’s
Paint: Silver Maple by Glidden

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justinasjungalow jungalow-design-bloggers-at-home-2 6b0d316446222d7afb70a627edcfa20d

justina-blakeney-living-room LoloiRugs_JustinaBlakeney_BTS-22

We are saying goodbye to the Jungalow 1.0 this weekend. We are excited about what’s to come, but we will miss this place. This was the first home Jason and I rented together. We got married while living here (and by the way just read the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage a constitutional right and…WOOHOO!!!!! So happy about this!). I was pregnant in this house. We had Ida while living here. It’s morphed over the past five years and grown with us as we have grown. I will always remember this place as the place that we started our family.

Moving is not easy. It’s a very emotional process. There have been many evenings over the course of the last month that I got stuck reading old essays from college, looking through photographs from high school, or debating about whether or not to toss out 970 business cards from a past failed business venture (I know, my hoarder-ish tendencies are hovering just beneath the surface of all of this…). Moving is so sentimental, it’s cathartic but it’s so challenging for me. I have been focusing on purging.  Our new house, as you may remember from this post, is small.  The rooms are all smaller than the rooms here at the rental. Letting go is the name of the game. I have been taking deep breaths and putting a lot of stuff I love into the Yard Sale pile. Just because I love something, doesn’t mean I’ll miss looking at it when it’s gone, right?

So that brings me to my next topic which is the yard sale. This is not a fancy sale. No letter pressed price tags, no lemonade, no design-blogger style displays–just good old fashion piles to dig through and bargains to be had–from clothing to objects to small furniture pieces, throw pillows, textiles, kitchen stuff, you name it. We’re starting tomorrow (Saturday, 6/27) at 8AM and here is the address:

1425 W. 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Hope to see you. Have a great weekend my friends.

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Danaes Sweet Potato Nachos 3

I’m a huge nacho fan. From gourmet nachos to so-bad-they’re-good ballpark nachos, I love them all. Justina, however, is a much cleaner eater than I am, so when the idea for these ‘nachos’ came to me, while not total health food, I knew they’d still be a hit at her Jungalow.

Swapping out tortilla chips for baked sweet potato fries, and trading layers of cheese for just a sprinkling ups the nutrition quotient, while keeping the flavor game strong.

Danaes Sweet Potato Nachos 2 Sweet Potato Nachos
Prep Time: 20 min
Serves: 4-6


1 bag sweet potato fries (I used Alexia’s Waffle Cut Fries)
2 (15 oz) cans whole black beans (or make your own from dried beans)
2 tsp olive oil
2 Tbsp minced garlic
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp salt
2 avocados
Cottija cheese (to taste)
Cilantro leaves (to garnish)


Preheat oven to temp specified on sweet potato fries package.

In a med sauce pan, saute minced garlic in olive oil until fragrant. Rinse black beans, with cold water, in a colander, add to pan. Add cumin and salt. Simmer on med-low, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.

Once oven is hot enough, bake sweet potato fries according to package directions. Be sure to spread them out evenly on the baking sheet so they get crispy- you may need to use two baking sheets (just rotate them on the racks halfway through).

While fries are baking and beans are simmering, dice avocado and prep washed cilantro by stripping whole leaves off by hand.

When fries are crispy, assemble nachos by layering beans, avocado, cheese, and cilantro over the fries.

Danaes Sweet Potato Nachos 5 This is a great dish to customize too- add diced jalapeño, some salsa, sour cream, or a different kind of cheese- whatever you like best! I’m definitely excited to have a new go-to nacho recipe, that I can feel less guilty about, at my house!

Photography, styling, and original recipe by Danae Horst for The Jungalow. 

For more Danae, follow her on Instagram or visit her blog!

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24 June 2015

It’s up to you…


NYC3 georgia    Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset NYC8 NYC2 NYC1

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I hopped over to NYC for a few days for a friend’s wedding and a few work meetings. I lived in Brooklyn from 2006-2008 and had a really hard time there. Working freelance and being in a long-distance relationship with then-boyfriend (now hubby) Jason, meant that I had a hard time meeting people, and felt very isolated. It was crazy expensive, the weather was intense for this California girl–and after giving a shot for a couple of years I moved back to L.A.. Now, however, when I go back to NYC I have the best time. I absolutely love walking around, the proximity of everything all of the hustle and bustle, art and culture. I got to visit the new Whitney museum and the High Line for the first time and was totally blown away. I’m not sure if I’ll ever live in NYC again, but I sure do love when I get to visit.

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23 June 2015

Jungalow Goods.



It was always my dream to spread the joy of Jungalow Living. Summed up in a few words, jungalow living to me means living a life full of creativity and color, pattern and plants.  Sometimes I do that through decorating–but lately I’ve learned that (at least right now) my heart lies with product design. It marries my love of making and my love of designing. I absolutely love designing prints and patterns (I could do it all day long…) and I really enjoy the process of watching sketches come to life into tangible objects that (hopeful) inspire and delight. It took me about 20 years to figure out that this was my jam, by the way.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to connect with artists  and makers and design pieces that exemplify the Jungalow style. Here is a sampling of some of the products I’ve worked on over the years. The idea of seeing you wear dresses in patterns I painted, or hang plants in crazy vessels that I dreamt up actually gives me butterflies…and stay tuned for more as the Jungalow continues to grow!

Get a piece of the Jungalow here:
Aries Jumpsuit with Eva Franco
The New Bohemians
Jungalow Hanging Planter with MFEO at West Elm
Jungalow Mobile with Como Metal Works
Amira Dress with Eva Franco
Jungalow Collection with Museum Nails


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