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Little Updates at the Jungalow


It’s been a minute since I’ve done a post update about our jungalow and that’s mostly because we haven’t done too much to it in the past few months. But even though we’ve haven’t knocked down any walls or installed any new tile, we’re finally settling in to our new home and really making those small tweaks, […]

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This Just In: Knotwork LA


We first noticed ceramicist Linda Hsiao, aka Knotwork LA, at a craft show here in LA a little while back and were taken with the personality her work exudes. Her recent Tiki pieces always make us smile when we see them in our Instagram feed- the ladies are our favorite, with their boobs, bellies, and booties! Inspired […]

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Finding My Voice


Last year, in a post about my work, Grace Bonney wrote …I really envy people who seem to have been born with an innate sense of personal style that is so strong that it’s easy to identify their work/home in an instant…And I feel like people often say that about my style and it makes me […]

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All In The Details


There are many elements that make up a great room, but it’s the details- art, accessories, tchotchkes, plants, and hardware- that transform a room from great to truly jungalicious. A task as simple as changing out the knobs on a dresser, or adding a hook that’s as much form as function, can take things to the next level, […]

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New Rose Bowl Scores


I made it to the Rosebowl Flea Market over the weekend. I had some luck this time around and found some serious Jungalow goodness that I’m super excited about. First of all, this Paul Bellardo sun sculpture. I’ve been a long time fan of Bellardo’s work and had seen this exact sculpture many times (online […]

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This Just In: Mark Conlan

The Jungalow | Mark Conlan

Take one look at much of Melbourne based artist Mark Conlan’s work and you know we’re into it. Lush botanical ‘scapes, whimsical people doing their thing, and all that bold color? Yes, please.   Mark, who is originally from Dublin, Ireland, worked as a digital designer for many years until finally taking a little leap to […]

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