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Outfit to room: Team Jungalow!


Meet Bethany, Caitlin and Kristina! These amazing ladies are all part of team Jungalow. Bethany is our office manager /delicious food contributor/ general problem solver and jill of many trades. Caitlin is a super-talented designer and also all around crafty/design/art wizard. Kristina, the newest member or our team, is our e-commerce manager and we’re THRILLED […]

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Plant-o-Pedia: Swiss Cheese Vine


Monsteras have certainly had a moment over the last few years- and deservedly so, a plant that makes a graphic statement all on its own is hard to resist! It’s vine-ier cousin, the Monstera obliqua, or Swiss Cheese Vine, however has really grabbed our attention now. More delicate than the larger ‘Split Leaf’ Monstera, the Swiss Cheese Vine […]

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Equipale Love


Sometimes, things are just meant to be– and I guess I was just meant to have some equipale furniture in my life because in the last couple of weeks, two equipale chairs and a lounger just appeared at the studio! Equipale furniture is from Mexico and traditionally crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cedar strips. […]

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11 (Great) Dressers for Under $400


Whether you stuff them with socks or plants, the right dresser can really work as an anchor piece for the entire room. Paint it a funky color (or a few funky colors!) Add fun hardware. Tie a tassel charm to said fun hardware…and then style it up with lamps, book, tchotchies and plants! A good […]

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Thank You, Thank You


Last week, in a moment of inspiration after the Women’s March, I decided to sell a print of one of my paintings and donate the proceeds to a good cause. I have never really sold my artwork before and I never (EVER!) could have imagined that together, we’d raise $15,000 for the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles! You […]

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Suzani Upholstery


We’ve had this little slipper chair around the studio for ages. It’s a good size — not too big and not too small, with a cute mid-century silhouette, but the navy blue was a bit of a bore so last week we took it to our upholsterer to get it recovered. I had this vintage […]

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