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I was in New Orleans this week and was tripping out on all the colorful houses, the contrasting shutters and the ornate detailing. I’m totally smitten. Don’t these houses make you want to add shutters onto EVERYTHING?!? What an incredible city. Feeling totally inspired and reinvigorated after spending two days immersed in this diverse, dynamic, city of music. If you’ve never been there, add it to your bucket list. And don’t get be started on the beignets!

Have a lovely weekend friends!

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28 January 2015

Hot Cactus LA


cactus-4- cactus-3- cactus-1-

There’s a new kid in town, and it’s a cactus-loving kid. And since I’m a cactus loving kid, this news makes me very happy. The store is tiny and all the cacti are displayed in terracotta pots and sit on cinderblocks. I think there is a lesson to be learned here. Terracotta and cacti–the deep greens and the dusty peach colors–seem meant to go together, right? And terracotta pots (and cinderblocks) are both incredibly affordable, so that if you splurge on a weird, big cactus, you can amortize the costs with affordable, cool-looking displays.

Visit Hot Cactus LA 
1505.5 Echo Park Ave,
LA, CA 90026



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When putting together a home, art is often the last thing that comes into the picture.  I’m sure we’ve all heard friends say ‘…and then we just need a great piece of art for over the sofa…’ or something along those lines.  I’m from the school of art collecting that doesn’t search for the perfect piece, but would rather stumble upon it — to each their own.  For the purposes of this post, let’s assume you’ve got the beautiful work of art already and are looking to display it in your space.  I love the studio look (look at those muntins!); artwork on the floor, piled against the wall…which is less achievable if you are not an artist yourself.  Eye level is nice, but I think you can create intrigue by having artworks placed in less obvious spots.  Think of your home as a cabinet of curiosities.

Don’t have the entire warehouse space?  I hear ya’.  You could keep a corner of your home as a mini studio space and display work on an easel. Draping fabric pieces on the wall can add to that haphazard, bohemian vibe.

Sometimes, your home’s structure can be turned into a work of art itself.  These random metal beams have been painted to compliment the large scale painting on the wall.

If you can’t invest in an original right now, try a great print that works with your furniture.  There are tons of online print shops, like Society6 that ship worldwide.  This Warhol fits perfectly into this citrusy floral living room.  P.S. Dig the tape deck and cassettes ;)

Art doesn’t have to be a painting on the wall, think outside the canvas.  In this room, there appears to be a kite that is dressed as a floor lamp, a plastic bag vase and a color wheel stick leaning into the corner of the walls.  Tres post-modern.

Sculptures can be statement pieces that transform your space.  Don’t be afraid to mix genres.  This room has a wooden sculpture, while its fireplace is a Memphis masterpiece; in this space, even the giant cacti look like works of art.

theoriginalsdennishopper theoriginalsdennishopper3
There really is no better way to display your art, then on white walls, like a true gallery space.  The late Dennis Hopper’s California abode is perfect for the art collector’s treasury, with white walls and simple wood details.

Photo credits:  1. The Selby 2. The World of Interiors 3. Billy Baldwin Decorates, 1972 4. ‘Living With Colour’, 1982 Deryck Healey 5-6. ‘Terence Conran’s New House Book’, 1985 7-8. ‘The Originals’, 2008  Holland Vandertol

This post was created by Nicole Valentine Don for JB est. 1979.

For more of Nicole’s magical musings, visit her blog & follow her on instagram


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When it comes to wallpaper, I’m usually drawn to bold colors and bright patterns, but this new line, Unfolded, from LA-based designer Sidonie, has me scheming up places I’d like to use it.


Her first collection, Unfolded is based off the pleats, folds, and lines revealed when an origami shape is unfolded. The patterns that emerge have such dimensionality that I feel as though I’d being drawn into the walls. I think this made-to-order wallpaper would be equally at home with all the colorful textiles, plants, and art in a jungalow, as it would in a sleek, minimalist space.


To see the whole line, or find out how to commission a new design, visit Sidonie’s new website.

 All photos by George Kontos for Sidonie Studio.

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24 January 2015

paper to wall


Justina Blakeney / The Jungalow

If you follow me on Instagram, than you may have seen this sketch that I was working on yesterday…Well I thought it would make a great wallpaper so I thought I’d make a spec illustration…Justina Blakeney / The Jungalow

And I tried it in a greyscale as well…
Justina Blakeney / The Jungalow

Pretty fun, right? Which color do you prefer?


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22 January 2015

California Cool



To me, California style is all about the mix–and bringing pieces together from different pockets of the world.  Just like L.A. has a Chinatown, a Little Tokyo, a Little Armenia, a Korea Town, a little Ethiopia and pretty much everything in-between, I feel like a California-inspired interior brings together different cultures.

Add in some mid-century design (that L.A. in particular is so well-known for) as well as pieces that feel sunny, fun and bright, and it’s easy to bring a little bit of California into any home. When I think of California style, The Parker Hotel comes to mind–Jonathan Adler did such a good job of blending so many elements to create something that all together feels quintessentially Californian.

Here’s  a Justina spin on the look:



All of these pieces (and more!) can be found in my favorites at Chairish.
Photo with red tapestry by Dabito. All other photos by J. Blakeney

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So, my junior prom was twenty years ago. I know. Writing that down totally trips me out. It feels like simultaneously kinda recent and kinda ancient. But when Abigail wrote in asking about prom dresses, I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane.


Here I am, my senior prom (left) with my high school sweetheart, and (right) with some of my high school besties at my junior prom.

I’ve always loved getting dressed up and I remember both my junior and senior proms as really big deals.  I got my junior prom dress at Nordstrom Rack after trying on about 50 dresses. I remember very clearly how amazing I felt when I zipped it up in back.  I found my senior prom dress at an antique store in San Francisco. I remember feeling astonished and thrilled when, unlike most dresses from that era, it fit me like a glove. It was velvet with a train.  I was going through an Audrey Hepburn phase and was trying hard to channel her vibe. It’s not obvious in this photo but my hair was only about an inch long!

Ok ok fine enough with the high school flash backs. Let’s fast forward twenty years to Abigail’s ask:

Justina! I am such a huge fan of your blog – you inspire me a ton and I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across you over the past couple months. I’m in high school, and I was wondering if you could do a piece like this on fancy dresses (prom is approaching much faster than I thought). I know that you cater to an older audience and are focused on interior design, but I thought your eye for patterns and shapes would make for an interesting and inspiring post.

So Abigail (and anyone else who may be in the market for a fancy dress) I’ve put together some styles I think are cute and mostly all pretty affordable. It was actually harder than I thought it would be to find great occasion dresses that weren’t hyper boring or astronomically expensive–so it was a fun challenge…Have an amazing time at prom, Abigail and don’t forget to print out some real photos so you can look back on them twenty years later!


1.) At $280 this one is a bit pricier, but I’m thinking by the time prom rolls around, there might be a sale?

2.) This sexy little number kinda reminds my of the dress that I wore to my own Jr. Prom (only way better). I think it’s classic and love the deep red color.

3.) Love the deco vibe of this dress, and the flattering neckline.

4.) This is the kind of dress you could dress up for prom, but also dress down and rock with a pair of Birks all summer long…

5.) Loving the icy blue color one this vintage one–and a perk to wearing vintage is that you can be pretty sure you won’t have any clones at prom.

6.) This Afgahni dress is certainly unusual for prom, but I think it could really be bold and amazing.

7.) This one is kind of 70′s fabulous.

8.) Loving this almost 20′s style red number.

9.) I think this one could look amazing with a messy up-do and a lot of bling.

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