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Hi. It’s Jeanetta and I am back with part 3 of Pattern Play on “Symbols”. In Part 1 we discussed the origins and significance of symbols and in Part 2 we made a pattern based on the theme of “Symbols” which we used to create pillowcases with a print-on-demand company. We love how they came out and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day we put a fun DIY spin on our pillows, that puts the magic of glow-in-the-dark paint to work!

– Glow-in-the-dark paint  (clear or multicolor)
– Paint brush & water
– Pillowcases (or your choice of fabric)

1. Using a brush, paint heart shapes all over the front panel of your fabric.
Tip: If the paint is too thick dilute with a little water.


2. Let dry and place pillows into the cases


3. Turn off the lights and see the big reveal. This magical DIY makes the perfect little surprise for your Valentine!

PatternPlay_GlowinDark_Symbols_JGonzales copy

As a Valentine’s treat to you please feel free to download the pattern here. We’d love to see what you create! Share on social media using the hashtag #jungalowpatternplay. We can’t wait to see your photos!

Project by Jeanetta Gonzales for The Jungalow
Photography by Danae Horst

For more Jeanetta, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Artwork ©2016 Jeanetta Gonzales. For personal use only. Commercial use of any kind is not permitted.

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If you’re like me than you’re always running on the hunt for last-minute gifts for all the special occasions — especially ones like Valentines Day which creep up on you in the middle of February. I thought it would be fun to choose a gift for every New Bohemian in your life–so here goes:

The Maximal Bohemian loves excess everything–especially love!! so why not gift them this Love More tote from FEED. Buy this tote for $25 and provides 10 school meals for children around the world.

The Folksy Bohemian in your live loves all that’s handmade and items with meaning, so why not get this Papercut heart-in-hand and frame it up for your folksy loved-one?

The Modern Bohemian: The modern boho loved one would be smitten with a simple statement like like tiny and precious ruby and gold ring from Vrai & Oro 

The Nomadic Bohemian in your life, loves to be creative on-the-go and capture the beauty in his/her travels. How about this travel watercolor set? I’ve had this exact one for years and it always sparks creativity — in parks, on trains, planes, and cafes!

The Earthy Bohemian: These sweet Hoya plants, with leaves shaped like hearts, are the perfect prezzie for the earthy-boho love in your life. Pick one up at your local nursery or garden center. (image via here)

The Romantic Bohemian: Love Rules Forever — in that old-world-type. This ring from En Soie makes it feel like it will last forever too — the perfect old-world style gift for the Romantic bohemian.

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09 February 2016

Jungalow Color Craving…


What would you call this wall color? Jade? Aqua? Peppermint? Sage? Agave green? Whatever it’s called — it’s my favorite color of the moment. It’s at once soothing and invigorating. It’s very fresh, but at the same time has a kind of old-world charm to it. I think it works magic as a backdrop to a wall of plants, and plays so nicely with metallics — especially copper and gold.

A word of caution if choosing a Jade/Aqua/Peppermint/Sage/Agave green paint color — if you get the wrong shade it can start to look a bit infantile. I’d choose something with more grey and less turquoise like Benjamine Moore’s Spruce Green 2035-50, Water 01 from Colorhouse or Mint Smoothie DE5667 from Dunn Edwards.

One surefire way to bring this color in is through accent pieces and furniture — especially VELVET furniture. The glass pendant lamp up top is from Target, and it’s only $40. The mermaid, from Gumtree, is a new addition to my kitchen (she opens bottles for a living). And then, of course there’s my Fez wallpaper in seafoam for the mermaid to swim around in. Yum.

Shop the rest:


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I love burning incense. There’s nothing quite like cracking open a window, letting in some cool, fresh air and lighting up a favorite scent on the window sill to let those good vibes waft throughout the house. Certain scents invigorate me (peppermint) others take me to the forest (Cedar Piñon) and other still bring on the relaxation vibes (Sandalwood). Here is a roundup of pretty incense holders that caught my eye! Now, as I said in my book, “let’s put on some Janice, Jimi, or Joni and get all boho.”

Brass raised incense holder from Spartan Shop
Hand of Buddah Incense holder
Brass (flat) Incense holder
Martina Thronhill Incense Burner
Cactus Incense Holder by A Question Of Eagles
Hexagonal Incense Burner

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04 February 2016

Perfect Pairs


Farrow and Ball, the 70 year old paint company, made a big announcement this week- they’ve added 9 new colors to their very carefully edited collection of 132 paint colors. From new neutrals to some very stunning deep greens, the new colors are fresh, but retain the timelessness that Farrow and Ball is known for. As we picked our favorites, we noticed many of the new colors pair perfectly with all the #WallpaperByJustina for Hygge & West!  Could Vardo– that stunning blue green above- be any more perfect for Aja Teal? It’s like they were made for each other!

The warm grey of Worsted plays nicely with the metallics of Cosmic Desert in Ebony. This combo is a great way to keep a room feeling bright and airy with the paint, while adding drama from the wallpaper.

The soft, almost avocado, Yeabridge Green compliments the lighter greens of Nana Jungle, and gives great contrast to the deeper tones.

Which combo would you choose? To see them all, head over to Farrow & Ball and Hygge & West.

Paint photos via Farrow & Ball. Wallpaper photos via Hygge & West.



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03 February 2016

Plant-o-Pedia: Hoyas


Hoya obovata. Photo: Danae Horst

Easy-to-care-for plants are always a hit around here- it’s nice to have a plant you can ‘forget’ about occasionally without killing it, right? While not totally indestructible, Hoyas definitely fit the easy-care bill. With succulent leaves, meaning they store water in the leaves, you can often get away with watering them as little as once a month, depending on the species. Besides being fairly easy to grow, Hoyas also look great on shelves or in hanging planters, since many of them become long and vine-y- perfect for that jungalicious vibe!


Photography by Jaclyn Campanaro via Design Sponge

GET THE GREEN:  Wax Plant (Hoya obovata here)

WATER: Hoyas need good drainage- pot in a planter with a drainage hole and allow to dry between waterings. When leaves begin to wrinkle or pucker slightly- it’s time to water.

SUNLIGHT: Bright to medium indirect light. Avoid direct sun or dark corners.

PLACEMENT: Most hoyas are climbers, so they do well in hanging planters, or on shelves, where they have space to roam.

EXTRA CREDIT: When mature, hoyas develop spectacular flowers. To encourage blooms, allow the plant to get slightly root bound by keeping it in a smaller pot. However, don’t transfer it from a larger pot to a smaller one, which could shock the plant.

WORD OF CAUTION: According to the ASPCA, hoyas are non-toxic to cats and dogs!

Ready to add a Hoya to your Jungalow? Find some here.

Is there a plant you want to learn more about? Leave a comment and you may find it in a future Plant-o-Pedia!


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02 February 2016

This Just In: Laura Berger




Laura Berger’s vibrant, playful work is so good and jungalicious we just can’t get enough of it. The Chicago based artist’s color palette, with all those greens and pinks puts us in a sunny state of mind, and the people that appear in many of her pieces look so carefree that we want to be them.


Her subject matter grabs us every time. Especially the feelings of contentment and connection (to others and to the natural world) evoked in her work . Plus, plants feature prominently, so you know we’re fans!



Laura has prints and notecards of her work available in her shop. While you’re on her site, make sure to check out the amazing animations she makes, as well as her ceramic work!

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