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Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

I dug into the archives this morning to pull out some more outtakes from the 40,000 photos Dabito and I snapped for The New Bohemians. I thought I’d share a few shots that *almost* made the cut, and explain why we didn’t end up choosing the image for inclusion in book. The above photo, from the home of Amhalise Morgan, was a nice shot, but ultimately we included a frontal view of this shot. The reasons were the heater was featured too prominently here and the way the philodendron leaf was cut off in the corner was no bueno. Also, too much rug. Sometimes we just need a hint of something to be able to fill in the blanks ourselves.

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

I love the way Amhalise’s entryway looked in person, it was super colorful, cozy and inviting, but on camera it was tough to make it look as pretty as it *actually* was. (How good is that rug with the ginormous tassels?!?) We couldn’t get the angle right so it didn’t make it into the final manuscript.

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

This was a shot from Erica Tanov’s dining room into her living room. I LOVE those pompom things on her door and we took so many photos to try and get a good shot with them, ultimately we ended up putting them on the other side of the door and capturing them from the living room because this angle wasn’t telling enough of a story…

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

This was the room of Erica’s some. His room was SUPER charming and had so many great details, but ultimately we had to cut it from the book because Erica’s home tour in the book was already among the longest, and we just didn’t have the space for it. His room (and not being able to fit it into the set number of pages the book had to be) made me want to do a whole book just on boho kids rooms. Thoughts? 

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

This was a detail shot from Paige Morse’s home.  We had a blast shooting her place because she (like me) has a TON of ‘stuff’ for styling. Dabito and I fought for about 15 minutes about those paper flowers, and whether or not to keep them in the shot. I won :P

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

We styled her bathroom about 40 times over. This was one of the iterations. In the book, you’ll find that we ended up losing the rag rug and styling the whole thing in black and white. Looking back I kinda like this shot too . LOVE her laundry bin–so good isn’t it? I wish my bathroom was big enough for one of those!! I think the only way I could fit that in my bathroom is if I used it for a bath tub!

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

There were so many pretty little vignettes in Paige’s home. And she is one of the only people I know who can keep a maidenhair fern alive!!

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow

I was obsessed with her bentwood chairs and that rug…but alas there was just toooo much so we had to pick and choose.

Outtakes from The New Bohemians | The Jungalow


This shot was from Louis Sturges‘ closet–one of my favorite spaces, like ever. This was another one of those times where there were SO many good shots from her place that we just had to be kinda ruthless–editing down 3000 photos to 17. It was no easy task. But that mod yolk-colored dresser paired with that beaded floral basket–100 times YES!

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A true addition to any bohemian home is the beauty of a vintage piano shawl.  There is something luxurious and old world about them and you can’t be a their often vibrant colours, rich floral patterns and all that heavy fringing!

Drape one on your sofa to add a bit a of intrigue and charm.  Paired with lush velvet throw cushions makes it all the more inviting.  If you’re lucky enough to have more than one hanging around, try one on a chair too or :::gasp:::: cut one up if you dare use one to re-upholster!


Burnt out velvet, white linen and purple sheepskin?  Yes, please!


They can always add a bit of glamour to a bed.  Here, the canopy is even more dreamy.  Zzzzzz…

SCAN0129 copy

Cover a table in one; simple yet, so dramatic.


Hanging and tied sweetly in a window looks SO lovely.


What would Justina do?  Or rather, what would her sister Faith do?  My favourite is this sweet canopy pinned to the ceiling and hanging above a set of drawers, because…why not?!

Photo credits: Andrew Wood for ‘Textile Style’ by: Caroline Clifton-Mogg, The Why We Love, Dabito for ‘The New Bohemians’ by: Justina Blakeney

This post was created by Nicole Valentine Don for The Jungalow.  For more of Nicole’s magical musings, visit her blog & follow her on instagram

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Now that you’ve checked out my kitchen overhaul, I’d like to share some ideas of how to bring out the potential in kitchens that, at first glance, don’t seem all that inviting.   The thing is, when you’re house-hunting, you have to have vision. You have to have the ability to look at a room and imagine it in a different color, in a different arrangement, with different furniture, appliances and fixtures. You have to look at a space evaluate both it’s actual state as well as its potential. When I found my house, the kitchen was rough (pictured left) –but I looked at its potential and saw the jungalow within (pictured right) :D. So today, we are going to practice seeing the potential in kitchen. Sometimes, a kitchen doesn’t need too much to bring out some wonderful character…

The Industria-Bo Kitchen

Industrial Modern Kitchen

This kitchen has some great features, but needs personality, focus, and color huh?  There are some industrial elements that are working in it’s favor, so if I were to redesign this kitchen, I’d go ‘Industria-bo’. (aka Industrial Boho). Here’s What I’d do:


The stainless steel sink is pretty nice and very functional, so I’d run with that and go stainless for the appliances. Since this kitchen is already plumbed for a fridge that dispenses water, I’d splurge on a refrigerator with a water dispenser. To add more work surfaces and storage space I’d choose an island with a built-in pot rack to add some height and visual interest to the space–then I’d hang colorful pots up there for a pop of color. Break up the harsh, industrial vibes with a colorful, patternful rug and paint those lower cabinets, maybe a fun (but not loud) teal. For a final touch, hang a pendant lamp that looks kinda industrial but also very warm.

Get the look: Island  | Fridge |  Rug  | Cookware  | Teal Paint Color | Pendant Light

The Retro-Bo Kitchen

Red Tile KitchenOur next kitchen has some pretty serious tile. It’s a statement for sure, and for the purpose of this exercise, we’re gonna keep it–because, well, I love a challenge.  And hey, the tile in your new home or your rental may not be your dream tile, but if it’s in good shape you can make it work–especially if you’re on a budget.  For this kitchen, we’re gonna bring in a bit of a retro vibe. Let’s call it “Retro-bo”–because that’s fun to say.

red-kitchenFirst things first, let’s swap out those stools for something more fun and more retrotastic. Let’s hang some delicate pendant lights over the breakfast bar, like these simple pendants that recall the wood and the red in the stools. The simple white cabinetry is great, let’s just bling it up a bit with some fun hardware. Let’s add some visual interest to that back wall with some red and white wallpaper and finish of the look with this honey of a gold faucet.

Get The Look 
StoolsPendant Lights | Knobs | Wallpaper | Faucet

Tiny to Earthy

Earthy-Bo Kitchen
This small kitchen may not look like much, but because it’s so small, you can make some more spendy choices without actually spending a fortune. For this kitchen, we’re going to give it an earthy-bo look–with lots of white to make the space feel and look larger.


First, let’s paint the whole room in a bright white, but right around the windows, where there is that interesting architectural detail, let’s highlight that frame by painting it a slightly darker, greyer shade. Next, those countertops have got to go. Instead, to go with our earthy vibe and for the sake of saving some cash, we went with butcher-block counters. Another economical, earthy choice, bamboo blinds for the windows. Now for our splurges: First off, a cement tile backsplash. Cement tile is pricey but you don’t need a whole lot of them in this kitchen to make a big impact. Secondly, a counter-depth refrigerator. Since the room is so small a counter depth fridge will create more open  floor space. And then let’s throw in a graphic rug and a fun light to finish off the look.

Get The Look
Butcher Block Counters | Bamboo blinds | Rug | PaintCement Tile | Light Fixture | Refrigerator

And if you’re in a rental or you own your home but don’t have the funds to invest in a whole remodel right away, head on over to the Trulia blog where I’ve outlined some easy, affordable and not-so-permanent ways to update your kitchen.

*This post was created in partnership with Trulia.

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Justina Blakeney | The Jungalow

Ok guys, so here is that post with all the pretty pictures of our new kitchen, with all of the resources at the bottom in one place so you know where to get everything. Let me know if you have  questions about anything.

Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow

Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow

Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow Justina's Boho Kitchen before and after | The Jungalow

General Contractor:
Golan – email him to make an appointment (he’s awesome) (azrangolan (at) gmail (dot) com)

Farmhouse Sink
Shaker Cabinets
GE Slide-in Gas Range
Potted plants
Sink Grid
Mrs. Meyers
Light Dimmers

Signature Hardware
Copper faucet

Badia Design
Cement Floor Tile
Mosaic Backsplash tile

Treeline Woodworks
Open Shelving made from reclaimed doug fir (they used to be bleachers!)
Custom copper-plated brackets

General Electric
Energy Star Refrigerator

Vintage Moroccan rug 

Photography by Danae Horst for the Jungalow. 
With thanks to Lowe’s for working with me on this project. 

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Tiered fruit basket turned kitchen garden | The Jungalow

We’ve been talking a lot about the BIG decisions in kitchen design–like the layout and the countertops, but one of the most fun processes for me was choosing the small details and the accessories. Our first big aesthetic decision was the floor and backsplash tile (read about that here). Once that choice was made, it informed the colors of everything else: white, different shades of green, wood and copper accents.

Once we decided to go copper, it’s almost like I couldn’t see anything else. Every home decor store I went into, every website I perused, I was all about copper. In one of those heated copper crazy moments, I found this tiered fruit basket at World Market and came up with a little repurpose/DIY idea for it–because if there is one thing I like more than copper, it’s copper with a plant on it, in it, next to it, or in its general vicinity.

The project is beyond simple. I didn’t even add the rope. The baskets just came like this. But even thought it’s super straight forward I’ll share a step-by-step in case anyone wants to replicate the idea, and needs a little jump start.

What you’ll Need: 
Hanging Baskets
Sheets of moss
(3) Plants or herbs (one small, one medium, one large).
Potting soil
Screw Hook

What you do:
1. Get the baskets and a sheet of moss.
2. Find a good spot for your baskets, be mindful of how much sunlight the plants will need to receive and hang accordingly.
3. Screw your hook into the ceiling and hang hang your basket.
4. Cut pieces of the moss and fit them into each tier of the basket.
5. Plant your plants. Top off with extra potting soil.  (I love the idea of planting herbs in here for a kitchen herb garden.)
6. Spray the plants bewteen waterings and to water the basket, simply water in the shower. 

I love the look of my new hanging kitchen garden and it’s the perfect compliment to all that green and copper we’ve got going on on the other side of the kitchen:

      Justina-Blakeney_Jungalow-kitchen-21   Justina-Blakeney_Jungalow-kitchen-lr-25

Shop the post:

Stay tuned for more boho kitchen bonanza all week long! And as always, feel free to ask any questions!

Top Photo by J. Blakeney bottom photos by Danae Horst.


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Yesterday I talked about the plan and budget for the kitchen remodel. Today I’m gonna discuss the major design decisions and inspiration. There are so many design decisions to make when it comes to designing a kitchen. Stainless appliances or white? Tile or wood floors? To backsplash or not to backsplash?  To marble or to quartz? Custom cabinets or pre-fab??

A lot of the questions got answered for us with simple budget constraints, but other questions, like the colors, are just really personal. So Jason and I started off by sharing a secret Pinterest so we could get on the same page about design. Here are some of the images that we both loved that really informed our design: (more…)

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