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Plant-o-Pedia: Euphorbia


While more commonly seen outdoors in desert climates, many of the species in Euphorbia family make interesting and dramatic houseplants as well. With over 1200 species available, the variety in height, shape, color, and flowers can be staggering (poinsettia and fire sticks are some of the more commonly known species), so today we’re focusing on […]

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Jungalow Needs: Bluehemian Spring Fashion


Spring has sprung and we’re feeling the inspiration to shed some winter layers, get a pedicure, throw on some cute sandals, and up our style game! A forever favorite of ours, we’re happy to see indigo, cobalt, azure, slate, and so many other shades of blue making their way into spring fashion in full force this […]

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This Just In: Bolé Road’s Konso Collection


If you’ve been around The Jungalow for long, you’re probably already familiar with Bolé Road and their super pretty, colorful, really soft textiles. We’re big fans. Hana, the Brooklyn-based designer at the helm of Bolé Road, was born in Ethiopia and moved to North America with her family when she was a young child. She […]

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Blogging + Money Matters


Being a ‘blogger’ is pretty weird. Most of the time, when I tell people that I’m a blogger, the response I get is a head cocked to one side and a question like, “you can make money doing that??” There is a lot of mystery and snark around the idea of blogging as a career, and many […]

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Boho Bathroom for all ages – Get the look


My sister, Faith Blakeney designed this sweet bathroom in Marina Del Rey in a home with two small kiddos. This is the kids’ bathroom, but since it’s also the primary bathroom that guests use, it needs to be kid friendly as well as look chic enough for ‘adult’ guests. She used my Cosmic Desert wallpaper in gold […]

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Flowers for Mamas

Succulent Arrangement

(This post is brought to you by Teleflora.) Every mama has their own unique mothering style. My mom is a psychologist and a teacher so she’s always been the type of mom that gave me just the right amount of coddling I needed to figure out how to do something on my own. I think […]

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