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Meal to Room


Inspiration can truly come from anywhere, in this case, it came from Team Jungalow lunch cooked up by Bethany — a delicious salad medley served on some of our fun Moroccan dishware that I scooped up at the Hotel Figueroa liquidation sale last year. After making horchata the other day, we were left wondering to […]

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Jungalow by The River Update: New Shelving Unit


Our living room is one of the smallest rooms in the house, plus it has our entryway and breakfast bar in it, making it even more difficult to design around. For many, many months we’ve wanted to put in some kind of shelving unit to host our books and favorite art objects and we finally […]

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Outdoor Design Inspiration from Ojai


We made a very quick visit to Ojai over the weekend. It’s a small town about an hour and a half north of L.A. Even though I was only there for about 24 hours I saw so many things that sparked inspiration for me for different aspect of my home and work. Much of the […]

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Outfit to Room


Another set of cute outfits worn to the studio warrants another Outfit to Room post! Bethany, Caitlin and Kristina in full Springtime gear–brightening up my day– and, as usual, I opted to stay behind the camera since my OOTD was sweats and a tank top ;).Β  Kristina, our e-comm manager, came through in this fun […]

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Spring at the Studio Horchata


Β Β    Inspired by the jasmine and citrus blossom breeze that comes in thru our window at the studio, this variation of horchata is a lovely afternoon treat. Add cold brew if you need an extra pick me up! 1.5 cups uncooked rice (we used California wild rice) .5 cups almonds Β½ cup pitted dates […]

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Living with LES


Don’t worry. I haven’t gone all Marie Kondo on you all (in case you can’t tell by how maximal this room is!!) Nor have I forgotten to spellcheck the title of this post. The LES is the name of one of my new sofas from my collection with Jonathan Louis. I named it the LES […]

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