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So, this weekend we made some serious strides in our living room. The room is small. You’re pretty much looking at the whole thing right here. For a while we had a little sofa in here, but it wasn’t really working for me. I wanted something vintage, something green. This weekend I found that something–or should I say those somethings. These vintage beauties from Grain. They are upholstered in mohair (made from the hair of the angora goat) which is super durable.  The guy we bought them from mentioned that vintage theater chairs were upholstered in mohair because it’s such a durable fabric. Well, with a cat and a little one, I figured these mohair beauties would be the perfect edition to the #JungalowByTheRiver.

And then there is that euphorbia, which is that great cactus-looking thing in the corner there, which isn’t actually a cactus, but a euphorbia ammak. He adds a very rad and very serious sculptural statement to the space. We found this guy on Craigslist–someone was moving, so we got it for a song. (They can be very, very pricey at the nursery–like $300-$400 bucks for one this size). That having been said, this thing was a serious ‘b’ to move and get up the few stairs into our house–it weighs a ton. Jason and I actually couldn’t believe it when we somehow maneuvered it inside. It was truly a proud moment. So unlike cacti, these euphorbia aren’t only desert natives. They come from dry and wet regions. They like to be in the full sun, but according to the gardeners I asked at my local nursery, they can thrive indoors so long as there is bright sunlight. Our living room is the brightest room in our house and is pretty much all windows so I feel pretty confident he’ll be happy here (fingers crossed).

I’m not a plant expert, just a plant enthusiast, so if you have any pointers about this plant, I’d love to hear ‘em! I’ve never kept one indoors before so I’m hoping he’s happy here. I know I’m happy, euphoric, actually.

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01 October 2015

Textile Treasury: Abrabandi


Textile Treasury Uzbek Ikat

Possibly one of the most recognizable textiles out there, ikat has my heart. A textile technique that has been around since at least the 12th century, ikat’s exact origin is hard to pin point, but the Uzbekistan ikat, known as abrabandi, is definitely considered to be one of the most stunning for both it’s rich colors and designs.  (more…)

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I flew up to SF last week to see, touch and shoot my wallpaper line with Hygge & West for the first time. The line launches next month and seeing the paper IRL and meeting the H&W owners Christiana and Aimee was really, really exciting.


We shot at this gorgeous studio called Studio 9. The space was bananas I kinda wanted to do cartwheels all the way down it…those windows?!! Gah!!


The setup was legit. When I saw the ‘floor boards’ they had to make the floors look like herringbone, a lightbulb went off. Very smart.



I shipped a bunch of my props to style the shots with, to make the wallpapers look and feel (even more) jungalicious.   behind-the-scenes-hygge-8

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.23.48 AM    wallpaper-2      behind-the-scenes-hygge-7 behind-the-scenes-hygge-9 


We made a pitstop at the SF flower market and I found this amazing cactus. I actually brought him home with on the plane–the guy at security had a good laugh when I sent him through the X-ray machine.


I’m so excited about the collection, and about covering my whole home in these designs. Featured here is Nana (the banana leaf/feathers design) and Vitamin C (the one with the oranges). I have three other designs that I can’t wait to show you and they are all coming in a handful of colorways. Seeing my designed product come to life is probably the most exhilarating part of my career thus far…To keep up with the wallpaper collection, check the #WallpaperByJustina hashtag on Instagram.

Photos by Danae Horst

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29 September 2015

Canopy beds



The most challenging room in our new house is the master bedroom. It’s in the back of the house and it’s a newer addition to the home. The front was built in the 1920′s–and it’s got all the charm to match–but the back of the house was added on in the 80′s. It’s pretty bad. It’s got popcorn ceilings, a mousy brown carpet, a 30-year old air-co wall unit right above my side of the bed, and there is also a weird vanity sink IN the room. The first few nights I slept in here I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was at a strange roadside motel.

Here–check it our for yourself. This is what it looked like when we moved in. Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.53.06 PM

This is the same corner of the bedroom that’s pictured above.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.53.29 PM

And this is the view from the bed–I wasn’t kidding about that vanity. And to make matters even more challenging,  there’s a trap door that leads to a cellar–the ONLY access is from that door, so we don’t really have anywhere to even put furniture (read: dresser for our clothes) unless we cover the door. Quite the conundrum. On top of all of these issues, we can’t spend a lot of money remodeling this side of the house just yet. We just poured all of our cash into buying the house and remodeling the kitchen–so the bedroom will have to wait. In the mean time, I’ve done what I can with what I had in my garage (top pic) and at least I no longer cringe when I walk into the room. I do, however walk all the way across the house naked every morning after my shower to get to my underwear drawer which is still in the font room of the house. Totally ridiculous.


Lisa Corti

I’ve been thinking about adding a canopy to the bed to further the cosmetic solution to the bedroom problem. A canopy would help to distract from the air-co unit and the popcorn ceilings too. It would also draw the eye up, away from said mousy brown carpet. Here are a couple of canopy bed situations that I find inspiring…

Elle Deocration
Even though this canopy is all tied up, the fact that it’s there adds something, don’t you think? I like the canopy gesture….


I had a small canopy in my old room (pictured above) but this time I’m thinking something even more grandiose–here are some ideas I’m toying with:


-White gauze canopy (on sale now for $39!)

-Platform Mash Studios Bed with canopy (this would TOTALLY cover my wall unit–but it’s a little $$, maybe I could have something similar custom made)

-This black and brass canopy bed from CB2 is hyper modern but with the right textiles (and hanging plants!) I could see it being boho-tastic.

-Rose-colored canopy, just so simple and pretty, huh?

This bed from OKL is super simple, but I can picture is with some gorgeous voile draped over it..maybe a fringed scarf or two, yes?

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28 September 2015

Amazing Anastasia


Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

A few months back my friends at Loloi recently shared their Anastasia collection with me and asked if I’d like to participate in a styling competition. Um, did somebody say COMPETITION?? Well, despite the fact that I had just moved into a new home and had also just checked out of my studio space in search of something closer to the new house, I felt I could not refuse an opportunity to engage in a friendly lit-tle competition with some fellow design bloggers. I am, after all an Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, a ram..and definitely enjoy the occasional head-butting with my peers. Also, the winner of the competition gets to donate $1000 to the charity of their choice–so alongside a nice stroke-of-the-ego, if I win, I get to donate some serious cash to the Earth Island Institute.

Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

For my rug I picked the Light Blue/Mist rug and I got a couple of Loloi throw pillows, too. Next, with most of my belongings still in storage, I had to figure out where I was going to shoot this thing.

Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

I ended up borrowing an apartment in Silverlake that belongs to my friend/manager Kim. She’s got great taste, but her style is definitely more streamlined than mine. So, on top of her pretty traditional sofa and coffee table, I had to layer on the boho. The rug has a very beachy feel to it, so I decided to pump up the volume with indigo accents. We pulled out pretty much everything blue out of our storage unit and went to town. Next I layered in some potted plants, and statement leaves, lending a coastal, boho vibe to the room.  The fringe-tastic pillows and my new flea-market find lady painting (I still have to name her) helped to turn up the quirk.


Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

What I love about the Anastasia collection is that the rugs can really fit any style. Be it a traditional, boho or modern room, the rug allows for flexibility in style and adds a soft (but not boring) first layer. Also, this is seriously one of the softest rugs I’ve ever stepped on–it’s like velvet meets a baby’s booty.

Justina Blakeney / Loloi's Anastasia Rug

So now that you’ve heard my spiel and seen the room–now comes the part where I ask you to go VOTE for your favorite space, namely MINE ;) (although I think Orlando and Kate may give me a run for my money…I hope they picked good charities :D.) Now all I have to do is decide where to put the rug in the jungalow ;).

Photography by Danae Horst.
This post was created in partnership with Loloi. All opinions are my own.

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Jungalow-Planters With all the plants we surround ourselves with at The Jungalow, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect jungalicious vessels to put them in. However, good ones can be SUPER hard to find, so we’ve rounded up some of our current favorites so your planter game can be as strong as your plant game.

Whether you’re bringing the bling (1 & 6), going au naturel (5 & 7), or getting graphic (2, 3, 4)- the right vessel can really make your plants pop, plus it’s better for them than being root bound in the plastic pot they came in! And a macrame wall hanging that’s also a planter (8)? Come on! Too good.

If you’re feeling the need for these too, you can shop this post below.

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