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Boho Summer Style Roundup

The Jungalow

We are feeling the relaxed summer vibes going on right now. I don’t know about where you are, but in L.A., summer just hit us HARD and I’m all about the breezy linen dresses right now!! Here is a fresh boho Summer style roundup for you all! Stay cool! 1. Asos Premium Cutwork Midi Dress […]

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DIY: Moroccan-Inspired Stool

Moroccan Stool DIY

This was probably my favorite project from our We Spy StyleΒ series, it’s a Moroccan-inspired stool that I think came out super cute. I remember seeing these stools when I visited Marrakech many years ago. Merchants were sitting on them outside their shops at the souks. It was pretty easy to make, and I like how […]

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Textile Treasury: Cactus Silk


Cactus silk, aka Sabra silk, textiles are possibly one of our favorite Moroccan textiles for their amazing softness- a nice change from the wool textiles, which can sometimes be a bitΒ scratchy. Another big plus for cactus silk is that it’s vegan- being made from the fiber of the Saharan aloe vera, a member of the […]

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A She Shed with Santa Margherita

She Shed-13275-web

This post was created in partnership with Santa Margherita Wines. Summer is here, and here at The Jungalow, summer is kinda our season. While we can get behind woolly winters, sprouting springtime and the romance of fall, summer is where we find shelter under shady palms, party with a glass of Pinot Grigio, soak upΒ pink […]

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Clearing Vintage pieces before bringing them home

Clearing Vintage Items of Negative Energy

It will come as no surprise that I love vintage pieces. In my childhood home my parents collected antiques and I grew up around old things. Then my sister and I had a boutique in Italy where we sold vintage pieces (clothing and objets d’art) and my Jungalow is filled with a deep combo of […]

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Textured, patterned neutrals: boho and jungalicious


I know that normally I’m all about brights, but when the summertime rolls around I often long for textured, patternful neutrals accented in plants. Here is a roundup of a few inspiring pieces that would make any summer feel relaxing, chill and still very jungalicious. Mirror CharpoyΒ coffee table/daybed Hanging planter Macrame Hanging Planter Folklore Rug […]

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