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Feeling inspired by African design lately.  This basket wall is so gorgeous, makes me feel like making a b-line to the flea market to buy 1000 baskets for my living room wall. I saw a few mid-century African masks at a thrift shop the other day, and I love how modern and rustic they look. This zebra mask, this wooden crocodile and this collection of masks and statues are calling me, don’t you think a few would look amazing in the Jungalow? Also loving this vintage fly TWA Africa ad, and this charming lady with all of her gorgeous bling and even her bronze boobies ;-).
Hope you’re having a fun weekend so far!

3 Responses to {Culture Couture} Mama Africa!
  1. Dee O. says:

    Justina, I absolutely love this!!! I have African pieces all over my house since my family and I are from Nigeria lol. And I love the way you call it “culture couture”, that is too true!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. Dee O. says:

    And I’m adding you to my “links I love” list, I can’t believe I hadn’t done so already!

  3. Awww thanks so Much Dee O. So glade that you enjoyed the post!

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