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16 December 2010

Tiny plants in tiny jars

Remember those 100 year old ink jars that I got at the Rosebowl market over the weekend? Well, here’s their new neighborhood, and their new residents.

I planted the succulents in the jars on Tuesday, and they’ve already visibly grown a lot– I know I’ll have to replant them into larger vessels soon, but in the mean time how sweet are they? And wouldn’t they be great as decor for a banquet and then guests could take them home as gifts?

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9 Responses to Tiny plants in tiny jars
  1. Bekka says:

    This whole corner is adorable! Including those tiny plants!!

  2. SV says:

    Tiny glass ink jars and the plants in it are beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Always love nature inside, and YES what a great idea for a dinner table and take home present.

  4. Charissa says:

    Ridiculous and beautiful, as usual. (Or should I say ridiculously beautiful?) Great work, great photography. I see your coral!

    (And is there any chance Faith was driving past PCC on Tuesday, 10am? So random, but I saw someone and thought of her fashion posts here.)

  5. seesaw says:

    holy moly these are adorable.

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