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03 May 2012


If you’ve seen my Jungalow, you know how I feel about crazy rugs. I had so stop myself from totally freaking out when I saw these rugs on Loom–I actually gasped out loud when I clicked over to that pink one. I mean…Have you ever?!? I want to cover all my floors in these guys #ifonly!

5 Responses to Loom
  1. Great – I really love the first two models!!! Want want!!

  2. Love the pink and the dotty design!

  3. Harriet says:

    Love Loom. These guys have been setting the woven floor trends in Aus for a while now – they did the vintage patchworked kilims years ago (which are now produced by everyone). You should see the array of Loom rugs at Koskela in Sydney – filling over 2000m2! So beautiful.

  4. Beautiful loom, I love the pink one. It´s great for hang it on my studio wall :)

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