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06 June 2012

Little Glass Vessels

I am a BIG fan of these little glass vessels. Above you can see my little collection, acquired over the years from markets and thrift shops.  They make a lovely home for air plants, precious things, succulents or bits of bling and since I’ve been seeing them all over the web in the past few months, I’d thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.  I am really thinking about stealing up those wall sconces too–they are on One Kings Lane this morning, so I had better think fast…

Steel of the day: Octagon glass box on Etsy $13
Wall Sconces
Set of three litlte glass boxes
Wall hanging terrarium
Glass hexagon box on Etsy
Score and Solder  terrarium via Wit and Whistle
Cube planters also from Score and Solder
geodesic terrarium

4 Responses to Little Glass Vessels
  1. mamalooks says:

    I love them all, thanks for sharing!

  2. Meg says:

    These are so cute!! Now I’m tempted to order some…

  3. [...] to share them here. These things are incredible, right?!? I am so in love. They remind me of the little curio boxes that I collect–only the fact that they hold water is so cool! Vases, planters, fish [...]

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