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29 August 2012

Forrest Fenn Collections

I was randomly flipping through Newsweek and I came across a silly article called “The Real Indiana Jones” the visuals intrigued me as there was a whole spread of seriously beautiful Native American artifacts. I googled the so-called ‘Real Jones,’ when I got home– a collector named Forrest Fenn.  I found his site, blog and shop, and a portal to a breeath-taking collection of art and artifacts, like the above moccasins (pricier that a pair a Louboutins so beware), shields and medicinal bundle, and wrought iron tools from the seventeenth century. There are also some beautiful paintings and doll collections–totally worth a click. Also, I was pleased to read the ‘Letter to the Editor’ that Fenn wrote to Newsweek, proving he has a great sense of humor and does not take himself too seriously–he writes: “The thrill of the chase still beckons and my hat is always at the ready for a new adventure. But I will never be Indiana Jones at home where my wife only lets me raid the pantry.” :)

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