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Photos By J. Blakeney
 I got a chance to visit some friends and family in Seattle last week and one of my favorite stops was at my friend, Nina’s house in the Capital Hill district. I walked in and the first thing I thought was “yay you have a jungalow!’ Full of plants, patterns, color and crystals, Nina’s pad is light and airy but still full of character. I love so many of the old details that the apartment has to offer: the built-ins in the kitchen, the old, ornate heaters, the large windows. And the way that Nina has decorated keeps it simple but still very jungalicious. I love how she uses a color scheme I wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards–blues paired with reds–but it totally works here! I have pulled some of my favorite details from her pad and created a ‘get the look.’
& lovely Spider Plants

Thanks for letting me share your home, Nina!

5 Responses to Pad Peek: The Bohemian-modern Jungalow of Nina Munk
  1. atriptonina says:

    So excited to have my mini-jungalow featured on your blog today! I’m impressed that you were able to determine the color scheme so quickly! I was hardly aware of these pairings myself. Colors of the earth! xoxox

  2. A great, vibrant and adorably lived-in home! Love the details!!

  3. Tonia B. says:

    I love seeing spaces that reflect the residents true style and personality. Thanks for sharing her space.

  4. joanna says:

    that’s my old ‘hood!! you’re making me so homesick!!!

  5. Jen O says:

    I love this open, bright and clean home, with such wonderful details too! thanks for sharing the little things that make it happen (inspiring!)

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