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18 October 2013

Inspiration via Osmosis

This week, someone asked me if Pinterest was my #1 source of inspiration for my work. And before answering the question, I thought about it for a minute. I certainly use Pinterest a ton, it’s an obsession and I adore the platform–but it’s not quite true to say it’s my #1 source for inspiration. Truth be told, I feel most inspired when I’m out in the world, exploring new places, discovering things with all five of my senses. Yesterday I had breakfast at one of my favorite spots ever–The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. The Parker was designed by the ever-inspiring Jonathan Adler and the Parker’s ecletic mix of Moroccan meets eclectic mid-century meets funky 70′s desert lounge speaks to me in all kinds of ways–I mean, look at this place:


After my egg-white omelet, Ida, my mother-in-law Mary and I went thrifting in Cathedral City.¬† And some of the stuff that came home with me was oddly reminiscent¬† of some of the things I had seen earlier that day at the hotel. Por ejemplo, they’ve got these incredible ceramic faces all over the dining room that seriously slay me–they are ornate, quirky and packed with personality while still super-simple and modern.



And then I found these guys (that are made of coconuts) while out thrifting–their round cheeks, sprawling lashes and overall vibe really reminds me of J. Adler’s ceramic faces, yes?


Then this incredible piece of textile art was hanging in The Parker lounge–round, textural and gorgeous…

And then I cam up on this huge dream catcher, also round, textural and gorgeous.


The Parker had some incredible ceramic pieces…


And then I found some amazing ceramic pieces:




I was not at all aware of the similarities of some of my finds with The Parker’s decor until I got home and started to look at the photos I had snapped throughout the day. When I’m out and about and open to looking up at what’s around me I think that inspiration seeps in almost like osmosis–have you noticed this too??

Happy weekend, friends!


8 Responses to Inspiration via Osmosis
  1. Natasha says:

    I haven’t really noticed this with myself. Our local charity shops are very small so I feel more like I buy things because they were there that day. I try to have an idea of things I want and need in the back of my mind so I can spot them when I find them. Those mug are gorgeous.

  2. Jen Harr says:

    What a glorious Hotel!! That is the style I dream of for my white brick mediterranean home. I also adore your finds! Here in Texas, there are some awesome thrift, flea markets for new and vintage native american and mexican decor, but would love to go somewhere where I could find more of a moroccan and desert feel when searching. Thanks for sharing…always!

  3. corlie says:

    I definitely ‘osmose’ as well. It’s hard not to, being surrounded by Kunming’s awesome second hand markets and vintage jewelry stores. We are often in vintage Chinese decorated spaces, and when I buy stuff for our house I find that I tend strongly to those influences. My best finds thus far are two old Qing dynasty coffee tables, and two little chests that we use as bed side stands old old old, with spiderwebs clogging the spaces in the wood when I brought them home. I’ve since cleaned them but I was almost reluctant to take away that bit of added atmosphere! I love the ceramic mugs you found, they make me yearn for hot chocolate!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Justina, what are your favorite thrift stores in cathedral city and Palm Springs? I go all the time and need some good ones to check out, off the beaten path. Thank you!

  5. Kate says:

    Derrin brown the illusionist did a programme with 2 advertising creative teams. He asked them to come up with a totally unique advert, gave them a brief and then he took them on a car journey…when they unveiled their work to him he also showed them his and he had predicted what they would come up with. Rewind to the car journey where he had placed stimulus along the route and the creatives took it in and used it so as by osmosis they included that stimulus in their work. What makes people like your good self unique is that you don’t jump in the same river of thinking, yu look at things differently, turn it on its head, jump in a different ‘ river of thinking’ and then use it to come up with a unique idea. To many people walk the same walk every day. So stay fresh!

  6. Design says:

    […] Images: Old Brand New, XXOOPP on Flickr, Justina Blakeney […]

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