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2/16/17Outfit to room: Team Jungalow!


Meet Bethany, Caitlin and Kristina! These amazing ladies are all part of team Jungalow. Bethany is our office manager /delicious food contributor/ general problem solver and jill of many trades. Caitlin is a super-talented designer and also all around crafty/design/art wizard. Kristina, the newest member or our team, is our e-commerce manager and we’re THRILLED to welcome her to our team.

They all came into work today wearing these amazing patternful outfits and I convinced them to let me take some pics of them to create rooms inspired by their looks. I was, of course, wearing sweats and a tank top so opted to be the photographer ;).


Bethany’s maxi dress has a combo of pretty block-print style prints and it’s juxtaposed with a saffron cardi. For the bedroom we pulled some mixed prints in reds and indigos that recall the dress. The saffron leather bed goes with the cardigan. Add a couple modern/rustic side-tables and some coordinating plants — and boom boom boom. Bethany’s outfit has come alive as a room!

Find a dress similar to Bethany’s at Target

Bed  | Quilt | John Robshaw Pillows | Tripod floor lamp | Curtain


Caitlin’s outfit is colorful, patternful in blues with pops of red! The room translated into an eclectic room that feels very happy!

Polka dotted pillow | Denim Sofa | Curtain | Otomi Pillow | JB x Loloi Kahelo Rug | Red Lantern | Side Table

Caitlin’s shoes are from Lola y Tula, her jeans are from ASOS. The rest is vintage. 


Kristina’s outfit is a fun mix of black, white and great basics juxtaposed with a totally over-the-top and amazing vintage floral jacket. The room is tailored and kind of minimal until it’s offset by these beautiful and wild floral motifs in the artwork and the pillows.

The Future is Female – Print | Round Chair |Loveseat | JB x Loloi Kahelo rug  | Floral artwork by Bari J | Drum Side Table | Juju hat | Coffee Table | Pillows | Desk lamp

Kristina’s top is from Otherwild, the rest is vintage

Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

12 responses to “Outfit to room: Team Jungalow!”

  1. Haha love it! The Jungalow teams got some serious style!

  2. Libbynan says:

    Love this feature. Colorful, creative ladies and colorful, creative rooms. Can’t beat that….

  3. Danae Horst says:

    Woot- love all my stylish team Jungalow pals!

  4. Leslie-Anne says:

    Great idea. Very creative.

  5. Catou says:

    Amazing idea and wonderful women.

  6. annton says:

    Love this vivid and beautiful post! xo

  7. Larissa says:

    Caitlin’s outfit is fabulous! I love those pants so much! Bethany looks so cozy!

  8. Tanya says:

    I love that each room got a special plant to go in there – but of course!

  9. debra says:

    Super fun!
    What a great team you all make!

  10. CPowell says:

    Thank you for showing a “diverse” team. I’m usually turned off by designers and their team for all being very pretty, too white, and too thin. It’s like some kind of sorority. Your team feels like real people.

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