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7/17/17A Roundup 12 (Great) Desks for Under $500

School may be out, but with our new studio almost ready for us to start moving in, we are pumped to be thinking about desks. And while the new space has a lot more room than our current Jungalow HQ, we are still cautious with space and want to make sure that whatever we chose can function as a desk, background for up close styled shots,  an impromptu buffet or dining table and still have plenty of room for plants.

Here are a few that struck our fancy.


  1. Athey Writing Desk
  2. Wood and Metal Industrial-Style Desk
  3. Marotta Writing Desk


  1. Campaign Desk
  2. Oak Oval Partners Desk
  3. Vintage Carved Desk


  1. Terrace Desk
  2. Go-Cart White Rolling Desk
  3. Beckett Writing Desk

Mid Century

  1. Vintage Teak Desk
  2. Mid-Century Mini Desk – White
  3. Heywood-Wakefield Blonde Maple Desk
Caitlin Watson Caitlin Watson

Being a lover of color, pattern, flowers, plants and all things beautiful... I create, design and try to emulate what I love most in life! You'll find me in studio, helping to make The Jungalow shine!

4 responses to “A Roundup 12 (Great) Desks for Under $500”

  1. Angela says:

    It’s really hard to find a great looking desk that is unique, not just from IKEA. Thank you for the great roundup of amazing desks!

  2. Jess says:

    that blue wayfair desk! man I may have to get that one. So good. Thanks for finding!

    wishing you best of luck for the move and hope you share photos of your new space soon!

  3. Bobbi says:

    I love the slim profile of the Beckett writing desk. And the color is gorgeous!

  4. Olivia Marsh says:

    A nice selection of desks. Hard to find.

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