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9/12/17A Roundup of 9 Boho Rugs for Under $300

Home of Erica Tanov

It may still be in the high 80’s, but we are getting prepared for fall here at Jungalow HQ. It’s been a very busy summer, and with it almost behind us, we are excited to make plans for a little quiet down time before The New Bohemian Handbook is released (available for pre-order wherever your favorite online books are sold ;). One of our favorite ways to change up a room each season and make it feel cozy, is by swapping out the rugs. In addition to sharing a few of our favorite rugs from The New Bohemian Handbook outtakes, we are sharing nine other rugs that will make any boho home cozy.

Home of Caroline and Jayden Lee

  1. Kahelo Ivory and Coral Rug
  2. Turkish Kilim Rug
  3. Diamante Printed Rug
  4. Glint Rug
  5. Monstera Leaf Washable Rug
  6. Turkish Kilim Rug
  7. Turkish Kilim Rug
  8. Ways Jute Rug
  9. Feliz Rainbow Tufted Rug
Caitlin Watson Caitlin Watson

Being a lover of color, pattern, flowers, plants and all things beautiful... I create, design and try to emulate what I love most in life! You'll find me in studio, helping to make The Jungalow shine!

5 responses to “A Roundup of 9 Boho Rugs for Under $300”

  1. The rugs look amazing. I like the colourful print and details they can add great accent on white floor.

  2. me gusta tu estilo con colores intensos con mucho
    caracter y sutileza.

  3. Belle says:

    The Turkish Kilims you’ve sourced are amazing!!

    I also really like the bath rug Kilims this boutique design house in Brooklyn are making: http://www.thislifeisbelle.com/home/2017/8/21/pretty-bathroom-accessories

  4. Anonymous says:

    The rugs you post are always fabulous! As a pet owner, though, rugs are impossible. I would be thrilled to see you do a post about how to create a rich and colorful “jungalow” without rugs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any interiors here that have bare floors. And what’s a jungalow without animals , particularly of the “collected vintage” (rescued!) kind ; ))

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