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Pad Peek: The ‘baby Jungalow’ of Nicole Valentine Don


Photos by Jeremy Greive,  Styling by Nicole Valentine Don First of all, can we talk about the pink fireplace? Would you ever paint your fireplace, or the focal point in your living room, as daring a color? It’s pretty amazing, yes? OK, now that that’s outta the way–a little bit of context. Nicole Valentine Don […]

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Nicole’s Boho Entryway: Four Ways


I was so inspired by my brand new copy of The New Bohemians in SO many ways, but especially in the creative use of textiles beyond their original purpose.  My favorite thing was seeing blankets, curtains and rugs masquerading as doors in the bohemian home.  I tried a few different options at home to experiment with […]

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DIY: Nicole’s mini succulents, propagated, planted and potted

Nicki DIY-040

Ever wondered how to propagate succulents?  It’s super easy to do from cuttings, succulent leaves or my favorite way is from the little baby offshoots that grow from the larger plant.  All you need to do is pull the baby out of the soil or off of the plant depending on where it’s growing.  You […]

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DIY: Nicole’s marbled pots


I’ve really wanted to try marbling, but wanted it to be on something that could stick around my house for awhile.  I thought terracotta pots would be the most jungalowicious option and I was right!  These are SO easy.  I painted these patterned pretties with old nail polish and water- that’s IT. So, first off, […]

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DIY: Nicole’s Nature prints

Nicki DIY-043

A really simple way to add some pretty art to your walls is to make it yourself- or have your kids do it!  I gathered ephemeral objects from nature and made some surprisingly beautiful prints with them.  If you’re like me or Justina (hello #facethefoliage ;)), you probably already pick up pretty pieces from the […]

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