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Pattern Play with Jeanetta: Symbols Part 3


Hi. It’s Jeanetta and I am back with part 3 of Pattern Play on “Symbols”. In Part 1 we discussed the origins and significance of symbols and in Part 2 we made a pattern based on the theme of “Symbols” which we used to create pillowcases with a print-on-demand company. We love how they came out and in the spirit of Valentine’s […]

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Pattern Play with Jeanetta: Symbols Part 2


Hello, it’s Jeanetta again, back with part 2 of this month’s Pattern Play on “Symbols”. Last week we learned about the importance of symbolism and it’s origins. For this week’s Pattern Play, I take the topic of symbols and interpret in my own way, creating loose shapes and icons for a fun pattern I am designing for […]

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Pattern Play with Jeanetta: Symbols Pt. 1


Urban Outfitters  Welcome to this month’s Pattern Play  where we are exploring symbols and symbology. For centuries, symbols have been used to communicate and create visual identity. The earliest symbols have been found carved or painted on stone, trees, skins and other natural materials. Gradually, these visuals developed into written languages to help early civilizations […]

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Pattern Play with Jeanetta: Printables / Pt. 3


Hi again. It’s Jeanetta! As promised, here is the concluding post and big reveal from last week’s Pattern Play  tutorial on “How to create a pattern in the style of William Morris”. I applied the pattern to some fun holiday printables for you and I think you are going to love them! The pattern lends […]

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Pattern Play with Jeanetta: Designs of William Morris / P.1


Patterns by Jeanetta Gonzales. Welcome to our latest brainchild, Pattern Play! I am thrilled to announce the latest ongoing series here at The Jungalow, where we will be guided through our patterful world by the extremely talented Jeanetta Gonzales, the newest contributor to the Jungalow! Jeanetta is a prolific surface pattern designer / art director and teaches classes at Otis College […]

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