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No resolutions for me for 2017


I went back and looked at my last years’ resolutions and, while in many ways I had a truly incredible year, I achieved pretty much NOTHING of what I had resolved to achieve. I did not get fit, like at all. Actually I think I got a lot less fit than I was in 2015. I paid off […]

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Colors and Hardware Inspiration from Europe


I spend some time looking over all the photos I took over the past year and came across this collection of images that I took while visiting Europe (Rome, Cinqueterre and Paris) this past spring. I paid specific attention to paint patinas and hardware while traipsing around town, gleaning inspiration for new collections. I really do […]

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Thanksgiving at the Jungalow and 5 Affordable Holiday Entertaining Ideas


My parents were married on Thanksgiving in 1968 and so every year Thanksgiving is a big shindig for our family — we celebrate their anniversary and Thanksgiving at the same time. My mom and dad usually host and it’s always loads of fun and a big to-do. This year my parents moved into a smaller […]

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Design Dilemma: Bathroom layout


Hello sweet friends of the Jungalow. We are getting ready to embark on the next reno project at our Jungalow by the River. It’s both exciting and nerve racking, as these renovation projects tend to be. And we’ve been stuck at the design phase for several months. The layout of the house is so small and relatively […]

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Putting Patterns to Paper


(Front) (Back) I worked with local press Paper Chase to create a couple of fun journals for the holidays. Each journal contains two of my patterns. They have blank (really nice) paper inside to fill with your drawings, dreams and musings, and delights. One has tulips and strawberries paired with Jungalow people, the other is tigers and flowers […]

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Processing through art


It was a strange weekend. Grabbing coffee at our local bakery between every bite of muffin, I heard soundbites from people sitting next to me: “The Canadian Immigration website crashed…” “We’re going to the protest tomorrow”,  “kids at my daughters’ school had an assembly to reassure children of immigrant parents that everything would be OK.” […]

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