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Spring at the Studio Horchata


     Inspired by the jasmine and citrus blossom breeze that comes in thru our window at the studio, this variation of horchata is a lovely afternoon treat. Add cold brew if you need an extra pick me up! 1.5 cups uncooked rice (we used California wild rice) .5 cups almonds ½ cup pitted dates […]

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Living with LES


Don’t worry. I haven’t gone all Marie Kondo on you all (in case you can’t tell by how maximal this room is!!) Nor have I forgotten to spellcheck the title of this post. The LES is the name of one of my new sofas from my collection with Jonathan Louis. I named it the LES […]

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10 Unexpected shelf Ideas


We are getting ready to install a new bookshelf in our living room. I’m very excited to have a place to put all of our big art books sine they’ve been boxed up in the garage for almost two years. So sad. I was through our archives for shelf ideas and came across so many […]

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Sunshiny Finds


  Every year at this time I start craving yellow. Yellow just warms me up and makes me feel happy. It helps me get through stressful times (hola tax season). It helps me push through and remember that summer is just around the corner. Whether used in small doses to punch up a room with […]

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Bathroom remodel: What color should we paint the walls?


The bathroom remodel #2 is underway! I got back from NYC last night to find that the whole bathroom had been demo’d and all the plumbing done! Wow! (If you need to catch up on this project, you can read about the inspo behind the design on this post.) Today, the framing is going in for […]

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New Bohemians Handbook — Outtakes


Hola amigos. I’m in NYC for a couple of days and I’m meeting up with my book editor for breakfast in the morning. We are just gonna catch up and say hello, but before the meeting I was rereading over the new book, and getting excited about it all over again (even though it doesn’t […]

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