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No resolutions for me for 2017


I went back and looked at my last years’ resolutions and, while in many ways I had a truly incredible year, I achieved pretty much NOTHING of what I had resolved to achieve. I did not get fit, like at all. Actually I think I got a lot less fit than I was in 2015. I paid off […]

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The Best of 2016 at The Jungalow


So here we are friends–at the end of 2016. I hear a lot of people saying the same thing: 2016 was a tough year. For me it was certainly characterized by a lot of ups and downs. Let’s put it this way — it wasn’t at all boring. Here’s a little look back at our most […]

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Pomegranate Party: Roasted Carrots and Porridge with Pomegranate Molasses


Inspired by colorful Suzanis motifs (which often include pomegranate symbols) and festive fruity holiday decor, try these two deliciously festive recipes featuring yummy pomegranate molasses. Roasted Carrots (side dish for 2-3, anytime of day) 3 small bunches of assorted carrots (McGrath Farms) Maldon Salt, to taste Pomegranate Molasses 1 cup glazed red walnuts ½ cup pomegranate […]

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Boho Kids Room : Ida bedroom update


We hadn’t done too much to Ida’s bedroom since we moved to our new home last year because we didn’t want to have her space be under construction, especially while other rooms in the house were. We didn’t paint, we haven’t ripped out the out the mousy brown carpet in here, and most of her […]

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Vintage Screens as headboards


Last week at the Rose Bowl flea market I scored this vintage wicker screen. I’ve been looking for a headboard to keep at the studio for photos and I new this was the perfect one since we’re short on space here and this one is light weight and it folds up for easy storage. As […]

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DIY Christmas Tree Alternative: Retro-tastic Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

As obsessed as we are with textiles, wall hangings and anything with pompoms around here, when we came across this vintage Christmas tree wall weaving on @house_of_sunshine’s instagram we knew we had to try our hand at a DIY version of our very own. With a couple of hours and some simple materials (that you may […]

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