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Women’s March + Limited edition print of ‘In Chorus’


Yesterday I marched with my family and 750,000 other Angelenos in Downtown Los Angeles at the Women’s March. Though I sometimes get overwhelmed in crowds, the tone of the march was so uplifting and calm that I had no freak-out moments.  It was a beautiful, powerful day on so many levels. I marched for Mother […]

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Wild Wonderful Planters


When you have as many plants as we do, you need A LOT of planters so we’re always on the hunt. From handmade ceramics to simple terra cotta options, we love them all, but we’re extra fond of the more unusual, wild styles. We’ll scour the flea markets, thrift stores, and the internet any day of […]

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The Magical world of Sera Hersham-Loftus / Sera of London

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Get ready to be totally inspired by the wild and wonderful world of Sera Hersham-Loftus, also known as Sera of London. I have been a fan since I came across an image from her “Little Venice Rooms” project floating around on Tumblr some years ago. The vibe is like a grown-up, sexy, romantic, Jungalow — […]

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Jungalow Eats – Sweet, Sweet Bagel breakfast


Today we had a our first all-hands-on-deck creative meeting of the year: catching up with everyone post-holiday, introducing a new Jungalista to the team and brainstorming ideas for 2017. Now a Jungalow meeting isn’t a meeting unless there is colorful tasty food to follow, and today was no exception… When Justina was a little girl, her […]

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Botanical Garden Beauty


  Last weekend I had a chance to visit the San Diego Botanical Gardens. Nowadays, whenever I’m anywhere that has a botanical garden I make a point to visit. It’s so incredibly inspiring to see all kinds of cool plants I’ve never seen before and glean inspiration for, not only my pattern design work and […]

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The top trend for 2017 is…

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Trend predictions for 2017 are in, folks, and guess what? Apparently there’s this cool new style called “Jungalow” that’s totally hot right now!! It involves lots of color, pattern, tropical motifs, and plants! Don’t you love it?? ;) It’s been pretty crazy hearing so many publications from across the globe (Austrialia, UK, US, more US) cite […]

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